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Where I’m From

Writing Is Destiny
“I am made of my over-reactive mom and my under-reactive dad.” Read More

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Abe the Cat, Kafka, Johnny Cash, My Father, etc.
“I become passive, overwhelmed, immobilized. I elude myself, my purpose defeated.” Read More

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Paris Dreaming

Skeptic & SchoolLess (Reporting) Take a Trip
“Once we got back, my mom went back to her normal self, and so did I.” Read More

April 4, 2011 SchoolLess Speaks
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Sloth Daddy

Right Back at You, Tiger Mother
“Once you start down that road—race to the top, race to nowhere, go, go, go!—it’s night near impossible to reverse course.” Read More

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Not Too Optimistic

Assessing “The Project” Now & Into the Future
“Most people should not be home schooled, my dad says, and I agree.” Read More

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I’m Not Dostoevsky

On Wallowing, Executive Dysfunction, & Other Mishigas
"I am not a sick man. I am not a spiteful man. I am not an unpleasant man. My liver, as far as I know, is in excellent health." Read More

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Unity & Coherence

Some Who Can Teach
“I wonder if he would even remember me, an odd blip of a student, a quietly disobedient boy from another time and place?” Read More

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The Right to Be Lazy

Balancing (or trying to) Work & Relaxation
“Parents expect too much from their kids. Their expectations are too specific.” Read More

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The Glint of Light

Truth, Expectation, & the Pursuit of Happiness
“Truth can be distorted, limited, irrelevant, meaningless. Truth can be false.” Read More

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