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Learn more »All Faith is Autopsy

All Faith is Autopsy

Reflections After Christmas
“I am both happy and sad—there should be a word for this—when reciting the ‘Mourner’s Kaddish’”. Read More

Learn more »In Gifts Begin Responsibilities

In Gifts Begin Responsibilities

Guns, Barney, Ping-Pong
“Enough privileged middle-aged white man angst: why can’t I simply let the children be children?” Read More

Learn more »You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn

You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn

City & Country, Home & Away
“Leaving New York City is always a weird thing for me.” Read More

Learn more »Don’t Pimp Your Kid

Don’t Pimp Your Kid

On Sharing: Priorities & Perspective
“My kids are funny when they fart.” Read More

Learn more »Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

Sorrow, Ghosts, Epiphanies
"It is as if I am missing, am mourning, myself." Read More

Learn more »What Ain’t

What Ain’t

Mistakes Are Made OR Something Has to Give
“How is it possible to have an over-scheduled home school child? Why aren’t we having more fun?”Read More

Learn more »Verging on Hysteria

Verging on Hysteria

An Amicable Conversation About Home School “Issues”
“So you’ll just tell him that you want to try something new and nutty?”Read More

Learn more »It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

Introducing the Blog Itself
“If a child is home schooled in Brooklyn and the experience isn’t documented publicly in excruciating (loving!) detail, does the kid get any education at all?”Read More

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