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This, That, & Other Things
“There are connections to be made here. Meaning is where you make it.” Read More

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Failed Youths

What Mortality Means
“There are downsides, of course, to caring about the wrong things or caring too much about the right things, not to mention getting pissed off at other’s lack of caring.” Read More

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Life is Good

Narration, Looking on the Bright Side, & Other Artistic Endeavors
“I’ve been grieving, not quite rationally, though I am beginning to feel cautiously optimistic that some sense of closure approaches, even as I am aware that the passive nature of this statement may suggest otherwise.” Read More

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Project Morris

Writing, Creativity, Process: Like Father, Like Son
“Unlike perspiration, inspiration is unpredictable; it is dependent on the complex brain and not the relatively simple body.” Read More

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A Reluctant Blessing

Beautiful Day, Baseball in the Park
“We hit, we pitch, we catch, all three of us, in these moments, unencumbered, fraughtless, and free.” Read More

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Don’t Panic!

The Red Sox & Other Stressors
“Maybe, and I await confirmation on this from my philosopher, born again, and law enforcement friends, being lost is a necessary condition for being found?” Read More

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Pot of Gold

The High School Admissions Process, Take: SchoolLess
“I also hope I haven’t come to all the wrong conclusions.” Read More

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Where I’m From

Writing Is Destiny
“I am made of my over-reactive mom and my under-reactive dad.” Read More

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Abe the Cat, Kafka, Johnny Cash, My Father, etc.
“I become passive, overwhelmed, immobilized. I elude myself, my purpose defeated.” Read More

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