The LearnMeProject is, ostensibly, about my experience home schooling my older son, though it's about a lot of other things too. You might want to start with my first post, "It's Alive!", which explains a little bit about who we are and what we're doing.  You can read about some of what led us to this decision in my third post "Verging on Hysteria." And then, I hope, you'll keep going, though there's no need to do so in chronological order.  Glad to have you here and hope to hear from you!


Jason Dubow (blogging here as LearnMe) is a forty-something native New Yorker, father of two, husband to one, sibling of six. He teaches writing and literature at St. Francis College.  He is, in theory, a fiction writer (perhaps some day the "in theory" won't be necessary; this is the plan). He loves to cook, reads a lot, and is a serious Red Sox fan.


SchoolLess is twelve years old, proudly Brooklyn born and bred. He's not had thrilling school experiences in his lifetime and so he's giving home school a shot for the next two years, then it's off to high school. He loves to cook, listens to a lot of jazz, and is a serious Red Sox fan.  He plays the clarinet, sax, and violin.


SmallerMan is, in fact, smaller (and younger) than his older brother SchoolLess; he gives up two and half years, about 25 pounds, and maybe six or seven inches. He's as much, or perhaps more, into sports than his brother.  He plays the violin and trumpet.  He likes to hang out; he likes to eat meat; he likes to build things. And he thinks that he too would like to be home schooled some day.  For now, however, he is in the 4th grade at the Hannah Senesh Community Day School.


Skeptic, my wife, mother of SchoolLess and SmallerMan, is a woman of qualities, a woman worth knowing.  She is smart and beautiful.  She wishes she was younger. She was born in Brooklyn but, truth be told, grew up on Long Island (see also: Conrad, Dante, Amityville Horror), where she now teaches art to high school students.  She likes teaching fine, but she'd much prefer to be making her own work:  paintings, drawings, prints. You can see a piece of Skeptic's work here on LearnMeProject; she designed our banner for the site.
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