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Waiting For My Epiphany

Resolutions, Chronological Disjointedness, a Touch of Assessment, and More!
"I am in a never-ending relationship with interruption, if not the reality of it, then the potential or aftermath."Read More

Learn more »Life is Good

Life is Good

Narration, Looking on the Bright Side, & Other Artistic Endeavors
“I’ve been grieving, not quite rationally, though I am beginning to feel cautiously optimistic that some sense of closure approaches, even as I am aware that the passive nature of this statement may suggest otherwise.” Read More

Learn more »A Reluctant Blessing

A Reluctant Blessing

Beautiful Day, Baseball in the Park
“We hit, we pitch, we catch, all three of us, in these moments, unencumbered, fraughtless, and free.” Read More

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Unity & Coherence

Some Who Can Teach
“I wonder if he would even remember me, an odd blip of a student, a quietly disobedient boy from another time and place?” Read More

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The Rigor

Curriculum Matters & the Risk of “Other”
“I do not focus on what SchoolLess isn’t getting—some of which is loss, some of which is gain—but on what he is getting.” Read More

Learn more »What Ain’t

What Ain’t

Mistakes Are Made OR Something Has to Give
“How is it possible to have an over-scheduled home school child? Why aren’t we having more fun?”Read More

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Youth Referred

The Father of the “Truant” Speaks
“Are we bad parents?”Read More

Learn more »Arrested Development

Arrested Development

A “Truant’s” Story
“Those are things that I could never have learned at ‘real’ school.” Read More

Learn more »Verging on Hysteria

Verging on Hysteria

An Amicable Conversation About Home School “Issues”
“So you’ll just tell him that you want to try something new and nutty?”Read More

Learn more »It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

Introducing the Blog Itself
“If a child is home schooled in Brooklyn and the experience isn’t documented publicly in excruciating (loving!) detail, does the kid get any education at all?”Read More

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