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Created on November 17, 2010
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SchoolLess is a twelve-year-old kid, proudly Brooklyn born and bred. He's not had thrilling school experiences in his lifetime and so he's going to give home school a shot for the next two years, then it's off to high school. He loves to cook, listens to a lot of jazz, and is a serious Red Sox fan. He plays the clarinet, sax, and violin.

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Learn more »Project Morris

Project Morris

Writing, Creativity, Process: Like Father, Like Son
“Unlike perspiration, inspiration is unpredictable; it is dependent on the complex brain and not the relatively simple body.” Read More

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Pot of Gold

The High School Admissions Process, Take: SchoolLess
“I also hope I haven’t come to all the wrong conclusions.” Read More

Learn more »Where I’m From

Where I’m From

Writing Is Destiny
“I am made of my over-reactive mom and my under-reactive dad.” Read More

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Paris Dreaming

Skeptic & SchoolLess (Reporting) Take a Trip
“Once we got back, my mom went back to her normal self, and so did I.” Read More

April 4, 2011 SchoolLess Speaks
Learn more »Not <em>Too</em> Optimistic

Not Too Optimistic

Assessing “The Project” Now & Into the Future
“Most people should not be home schooled, my dad says, and I agree.” Read More

Learn more »The Right to Be Lazy

The Right to Be Lazy

Balancing (or trying to) Work & Relaxation
“Parents expect too much from their kids. Their expectations are too specific.” Read More

Learn more »What Is Work?

What Is Work?

On Competing with Self & Others
“Being home schooled, I am finally on my way to wailing.” Read More

Learn more »You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn

You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn

City & Country, Home & Away
“Leaving New York City is always a weird thing for me.” Read More

Learn more »Arrested Development

Arrested Development

A “Truant’s” Story
“Those are things that I could never have learned at ‘real’ school.” Read More

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