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Learn more »Young Writer at Work: The Art of Fiction No. 1

Young Writer at Work: The Art of Fiction No. 1

The Art of Fiction No. 1: In Which SchoolLess Interviews Himself
“But I think, to be blunt, that writing about a total asshole is entertaining, and write about someone who is nice, happy, and energetic is boring.” Read More

Learn more »Project Morris

Project Morris

Writing, Creativity, Process: Like Father, Like Son
“Unlike perspiration, inspiration is unpredictable; it is dependent on the complex brain and not the relatively simple body.” Read More

Learn more »Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic!

The Red Sox & Other Stressors
“Maybe, and I await confirmation on this from my philosopher, born again, and law enforcement friends, being lost is a necessary condition for being found?” Read More

Learn more »Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

The High School Admissions Process, Take: SchoolLess
“I also hope I haven’t come to all the wrong conclusions.” Read More

Learn more »Just Doing It

Just Doing It

The High School Admissions Process (More or Less)
“Sometimes there are obvious solutions—eat a cracker, ask for help, write sentences—and sometimes not. Don’t look the former in the mouth, don’t let the latter overwhelm, and don’t mistake the two.” Read More

Learn more »Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

On Writing (Or Not) One Day At a Time
“The gist of the story is that if, and who can argue with this, a writer is “one who writes,” then I was barely one. Read More

Learn more »Where I’m From

Where I’m From

Writing Is Destiny
“I am made of my over-reactive mom and my under-reactive dad.” Read More

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Abe the Cat, Kafka, Johnny Cash, My Father, etc.
“I become passive, overwhelmed, immobilized. I elude myself, my purpose defeated.” Read More

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